Pantone Announces Home and Interior Design Color Trends for 2015

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 19, 2014 08:00 AM EDT


    On Monday, March 17, 2014, Pantone released information for next year’s color trends in interior design. The leading provider of professional design industry color standards has released PANTONE® VIEW Home+Interiors 2015, a collection of color trends that will dominate the interior design and home decor industry in 2015.

    The PANTONE® VIEW Home+Interiors 2015 features the nine major color palette trends as well as individual colors and material specifications. This will greatly help interior designers in providing the right color information that will appeal to their clientele.

    Next year's color trends are: Abstractions, Botanicum, Past Traces, Serendipity, Spontaneity, Style-Setting, Tinted Medley, Urban Jungles and Zensations.

    According to Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of Pantone Color Institute®, "Consumer preferences, behaviors and lifestyles are constantly evolving spawning a desire for fresh color palettes in both home and interior design.” Eiseman adds, “ While rigid color rules have been replaced by more creative guidelines, style and color coordination in the home remains a constant goal. The PantoneView Home+Interior 2015 forecast can validate some pre-conceived color choices, while also giving new color inspiration and direction.”

    The collection exhibits inspirations, suggestions for color schemes, individual tear-out color swatches of the nine major color trends included in the forecast, and color swatches of 72 forecast colors. It also features images which can be used for storyboard presentations. For insights and directions, designers can check the summary page which shows a comprehensive overview of major color trends as well as factors which influence the industry.

    A downloadable PANTONE COLOR MANAGER design software is also included in the PANTONE VIEW Home+Interiors 2015 which can be used for virtual designs.

    The PANTONE VIEW Home+Interiors 2015 price range is from $250-$700. The basic package is the PANTONE VIEW Interiors 2015 which will include the tear-out color swatches of the nine forecasted palettes and a subscription to The $700 PANTONE VIEW Home+Interiors 2015 package will include all components of the basic package, color swatches of 72 forecasted colors, DVD with images for storyboards, PANTONE COLOR MANAGER software and plastic chip cross reference for the 72-color carousel organizer. Other options in the PANTONE VIEW Home+Interiors 2015 include the PANTONE VIEW Home+Interiors 2015 color kit and ID kit which are both priced at $550.

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