WELL Building Certification Impacts: How WELL Will Drastically Change Architecture In The Future [VIDEO]

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    Articles Articles Mar 14, 2017 12:09 PM EDT


    "Make Health A Priority" this is the tagline of International WELL Building Institute. In essence, it's the body that awards WELL Certification for architectures that follow revolutionary measures towards health and fitness. See how's done with its first ever accredited project in New York.

    As stated by International WELL Building Institute official website, its seven concepts would be the impacts of the certification. It's all about the betterment of air, water, nourishment, light, fitness, comfort and mind in the architecture.

    For the air, WELL promotes a unpolluted indoor environment.The air must be healthy for all its occupants to breathe freely. It's actually the same for its next water concept. Everyone should have accessible high-quality water ready for their consumption.

    Light is also another matter that WELL Certification heavily consider. The structure must have an excellent lighting system. To take note, it should aid better alertness and experience.

    As they say "a sound body is a sound mind," as part of WELL Certification standards the architecture must encourage the thought. Hence, it's the work now of the last four: nourishment, mind, fitness and comfort.

    In a report by Yahoo Finance, the International WELL Building Institute finally gave its first ever blessing. Structure Tone's NYC Headquarters got it because of its project of improving its employee's health and wellness through architecture.

    On accordance with the seven concepts, the big change that WELL Certification brought to everyone is its WELL Cafe, Fitness Center, and Sit/Stand Desks. And there are still more!

    Even the architecture's construction materials are selected to match WELL Certification standards. In addition, it installed HVAC Systems that filters air through. While its lightning is matched well with the so-called human "circadian rhythm."

    Lastly, Structure Tone's NYC Headquarters also got the smashing acoustic comfort for its building for its WELL Accreditation. Here, the noise is lowered by 15% to minimize any possible distractions that may come from it.

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