Melbourne's No19 Cafe Isn't Something You Have Seen Before

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 14, 2017 12:18 PM EDT


    Biasol Design Studio just create a stunning architecture masterpiece in Melbourne, the No19 Cafe. It incorporated designs from a Greek Delicatessens in 1950's. "Good food, good cafe, and good interior design" will surely make you come back for more.

    According to No19 Cafe official website, Melbourne's newest food hub is located in Ascot Vale. It's just along the sites the other known cafes and restaurants. The owners Domenic and Diana Caruso wants it as an added asset in the place's food culture. 

    The No19 Cafe project of Biasol Design Studio is already its second venture with the owner couple. Hence, it just made another interesting architectural work.

    High-ceiling, fancy furniture, and accented brass fill No19 Cafe.  It aims to be simple yet stylish. Domenic and Diana with Biasol came up with the idea from 1950's restaurants. Melbourne's history-rich food culture is embedded in it.

    In a report by Dezeen, it shared lots more of interesting details regarding No19 Cafe. Now, it's all about its aesthetic-filled and functional interior design.

    The 4.5 metre-high ceilings of No19 Cafe enables natural ventilation. While its rectangular shape is just perfect for a spatial layout of the furniture. Biasol combined 1950's and modern concerete look for it. Its now cosmopolitan inviting!

    "Materially, concrete surfaces - the counter, walls, and floor - give the space a warmth and sophistication," Biasol Design Studio explained about it.  In essence, the center of No 19 Cafe's interior is its concrete service counter where Morrocan hand-painted teal tiles are.

    Further, the guest's area is timber-topped tables with tea, gray, and pink bench seating. Plants, brass lamps, and sink are also interior decors of No19 Cafe. 

    Lastly, Biasol Design Studio made sure that "architecture, interiors, branding and products" of No19 Cafe work well together. In that way, all its guests will have a memory-filled experience in it.

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