Kathleen Vance's 'Traveling Landscapes' Presents Nature In Luggage

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    Art Art Mar 14, 2017 12:18 PM EDT


    Kathleen Vance's "Traveling Landscapes" is the latest innovation of gardening. The artist uses aged luggage bags for nature's wonders capsule. In essence, it only adds to the illusion of "untouched scenery" that the art aims to be. 

    As stated by Kathleen Vance on her official website, she wants to combine the "natural and artificial" notion that's why she uses items of baggage. It's heightened more with its quirky name "Traveling Landscapes."

    "Traveling Landscapes" is made up of synthetic plants, soil, rivers and more nature landscapes. It's all contained inside of a partially opened luggage. It's created like it to create more delicate feels. 

    Vance's main goal in creating such fascinating art is to give light to how humans want to contain nature in their palm. "Traveling Landscapes" reflects life and growth in a way that's in contrast to how Mother Eart does it.

    At the moment, "Traveling Landscapes" is in a number of exhibitions. More than ten of its different colored luggage bag pieces were on it.  

    In another report by This Is Colossal, it said that the New York-based artist Kathleen Vance intentionally refer her works toward the "fragility of drinking water reservoirs and water rights." She is her sentiment that her "Traveling Landscapes" art wants to voice out. 

    Old trunks and repurposed luggage bags are the homes of her "Traveling Landscapes"  collections. All of each have different landscape looks. Though she always makes sure that rivers, streams or any body of water would be there. 

    Vance's largest "Traveling Landscapes: Precious Cargo" project is currently at VOLTA NY 2017. Rockelmann &. presented the vintage luggage with synthetic flora. 

    "Traveling Landscapes: Precious Cargo"  are made of different resin, soil, artificial foliage, and water. At 30*23*16 and more larger pieces, it's Kathleen Vance most dramatic collection yet to note in an exhibit.

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