Soundwall Nova (Soundwall/YouTube) Technology

Benefits of Technology: These Gadgets Prove Why Music & Art Should Be Paired With Tech

Mar 01, 2017 10:22 AM EST The benefits of technology can clearly be seen in these gadgets, which incorporates music and art along with the advancements of tech.

Italy's Most Important Art Fair: The Venice Biennale (Vice/YouTube) Events

Venice Biennale 2017 Highlights & Art Exhibits Worth Looking Forward To

Mar 01, 2017 10:22 AM EST Venice Biennale 2017 has some interesting art exhibits this year such as ancient Iraqi artifacts and a whole lot more.

Desert X (DesertX/YouTube) Art

Instagram Post Pictures Reveal Stunning Sneak-Peek Of DesertX Art Festival

Mar 01, 2017 04:58 AM EST These Instagram post pictures highlight the stunning and mesmerizing exhibits that the DesertX art festival has to offer.

Oddish Time Lapse (Joshua Dunlop/YouTube) Art

Pokemon Showdown In Real Life? Artist Brings Pocket Monsters To The Real World

Feb 28, 2017 08:59 AM EST A Pokemon showdown in the real world sounds like an intriguing concept and this artist just showed what it's like if that were to happen.

Kintsugi: The Art of Embracing Damage Art

Rachel Sussman Follows Japanese Kintsukoroi Tradition To Fix Road Cracks

Feb 28, 2017 08:41 AM EST Roads with gold by artist Rachel Sussman is mending cracks with gold in the urban development . It was inspired by the Japanese practice called Kintsugi.

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at America's World Cup Series Art

Funny Artworks: Great Art with a Sense of Humor

Feb 23, 2017 08:51 AM EST Should art also have a little fraction of humor? Can funny artworks still be great art? Read on to find out.

Research Into Cancer Conducted At The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute Design

These Posters of Female Scientists Take Girl Power to the Next Level!

Feb 21, 2017 08:05 AM EST Women, science, and design combine in these inspiring photos of female scientists that every classroom should have.

Inside Virginia's Luray Caverns Articles

Virginia’s Luray Caverns Sits The World’s Largest Musical Instrument

Feb 20, 2017 09:04 AM EST Luray Caverns haunts everyone with its amazing musical instrument, "the Great Stalactite Organ" is said to be world's largest musical instrument ever. Find out more about it here.