The HighBoy Launches New App On Its One-Year Anniversary

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    Articles Articles Apr 07, 2015 10:08 AM EDT


    E-commerce site The HighBoy launched its first mobile application coinciding with their first anniversary. The company’s newest app makes it easier for their clientele to explore and acquire antiques and items of fine art everywhere in the world.

    The modern-day antique shopping application is accessible in all mobile devices, including tablets. The company offers this feature for free through Google Play, Windows Phone Live Apps and the iTunes App Store.

    According to The HighBoy founder Olga Granda-Scott, this application is actually the first online antique marketplace that provides mobile access to Windows and Android users.

    “It has always been our mission to disrupt the antiques industry, and by accommodating all smartphone and tablet users, we’re on the path to achieving that goal,” Granda-Scott said.

    She cited that 35 percent of the total traffic that The HighBoy receives actually comes from mobile users. This number made it clear that customers of the site are people who want to shop while they’re on the go, and the company is more than happy to comply.

    The HighBoy’s mobile app is inspired by the web site’s design. It also provides browser access which has a full search function and filtering options. Users of the app can also access “The Weekly” which is the site’s online editorial journal.

    Aside from the app’s basic function on its interface, customers also have the option to make an offer, add items to their wishlists and identify their favorite dealers on the app.

    With these new developments in the site and the progressive mobile technology, The HighBoy is set in its mission in creating a comfortable, convenient way for antique lovers to shop for unique and valuable items wherever they are in the globe.

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