Huawei P10 Specs & Updates: Leak Confirms Curved Screen & Iris Scanner Features

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    Technology Technology Feb 02, 2017 09:18 AM EST


    Huawei P10 specs and features supposedly leaked on the web just recently according to the latest news. Thus, it confirms that the most-awaited smartphone will soon come out with a cutting-edge curved screen and an iris scanner. The unexpected report also included the more possible specification that it would have. Now, the judgment begins whether it can bring the house for P9!

    At the moment, Huawei P9 is a real deal for many smartphone users. May it be for traveling or simple pleasure, they say that they love its superb performance overall. Being a flagship phone, all eyes are on it! Though soon, its throne will finally be passed with the newest addition, Huawei P10.

    According to Phone Arena, the upcoming arrival of Huawei P10 was already heralded by a news leak. Hence, it shows the exciting possible features the phone might have. Starting with a 5.5-inch display, this might just be the usual sized one but it packs trendy curved screen which makes it different. Nonetheless, it's already seen with its predecessor P9 but many are hoping that the company added more to its sleek form.

    The report also tackles the specs Huawei P10 might come with on its release this month. Kirin 95 processor, 6GB/128GB storage, 8GB/256GB storage, 8MP/12MP cameras, 3650mah battery, and Android Nougat operating system this are just what could possibly be waiting for everyone with the latest flagships unveiling! That's clearly a power-packed smartphone if the leak will be true.

    On the other hand, GMS Arena's past report also shares more thrilling features of Huawei P10. The mobile phone will supposedly have as well an iris scanner and fingerprint scanner, those now something new now!

    In all, Huawei P10 can be a battle phone to note! Though, everyone might still need to wait for Feb. 26 on its official release to see whether all the leaked specs and features are true.

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