Nintendo Switch: Plans To Release 2-3 Mobile Games Per Year

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    Technology Technology Feb 03, 2017 08:36 AM EST


    Nintendo has stretched out its reach to Mobile games and now plans to make it as part of its growing franchise. This statement was made after the launching and release of their new product: the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is for those fans of mobile gaming but with a twist: you get to play with others through their interactive games.

    The Nintendo Switch just released its new ad along with the Super Bowl season through their official Nintendo channel. The device offers all you can get from the popular and well-loved Nintendo games. Its lightweight and portable gadget make it easy for Nintendo gamers and fans to bring along wherever they go.

    The Nintendo Switch comes with a portable touch screen pad and two detachable controllers. It can also be attached to a docking unit if you want to play through a bigger screen such as the television. The two detachable controllers, that come in different colors, may be combined with a grip to use as the traditional Nintendo controller in case you want to play through the docking unit.

    According to Gadgets 360, Nintendo plans to release 2-3 mobile games in a year to support their new gadget and "to make meaningful contributions to earnings." This phrase signifies their loss in investments due to the lower percentage of sales. The results in their sales, however, showed that Nintendo's investment has helped a lot in pulling themselves back on their feet.

    The two games that Nintendo primarily plans on releasing are "Fire Emblem" and "Animal Crossing." So far, these are the two games mentioned by the company. Along with the release of the Nintendo Switch this coming March, Nintendo hopes for a bigger and brighter future in mobile games.

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