Exclusive Interview with Designer Roxy Owens, Founder of Society Social

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    Articles Articles Mar 19, 2014 08:59 AM EDT


    If you haven't heard of Society Social then your house or apartment is probably not that cute. No, that's not true but it could be even cuter if you checked out the designs of Society Social founder and designer Roxy Owens. The North Carolina native started her furniture line in August of 2011 with her signature bar cart (which Everygirl said she gave a "much-needed renaissance" to) after working as a buyer for a corporate department store chain. It started as a blog but soon enough she was producing her own designs and after just two years, her work was being featured in InStyle, Southern Living and House Beautiful. We were lucky enough to chat with the busy designer about her inspirations and what makes her tick as a designer.

    Growing up, did you see yourself going into design?

    I actually always saw myself becoming a litigation lawyer! So strange since I'm not at my finest when put on the spot. But that's what life is for, learning about yourself as you go! It took 26 years, but I got here!
    What is a typical work day like for you?

    It's always a crazy dance between the business and creative side of things. Of course I prefer the latter, but the former is just as important!

    How did you come up with the idea of your signature bar cart?

    First and foremost, I love to entertain! I had a bar cart in my apartment that always prompted guests to stop and take a second look. Prior to Society Social and even now, I'm an avid reader of design blogs- I noticed the bar cart was a popular item to blog about but in reading the posts and comments, I noticed everyone was talking about them, but nobody could really tell you where to buy one that wasn't either extremely high end or vintage and on its last wheel. I knew there was a gap in the market that I could go after, I latched onto it and the rest is history!

    Where would you like to see your company in a few years? Are you building a lifestyle brand?

    Yes, most definitely. Or I'm trying at least! I believe that decorating and celebrating go hand in hand. My mother designed and decorated my childhood home conducive to celebrations-- Society Social is so inspired by that and life's shared moments. Whether it's a raucous party or a quiet night at home spent with loved ones, furniture is going to be present in some way. I hope to continue to expand the product line in that fun-loving spirit.

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