Sony Xperia X Latest News & Update: The Future Of Android

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    Technology Technology Feb 07, 2017 08:35 AM EST


    At the dawn of technology, many companies go above and beyond to give us the best possible experience and enjoyment. One such company is Sony. Sony has been a well-known company for appliances and gadgets. Their popular smartphone, among many others, is the Sony Xperia X.

    The Sony Xperia X gives you the comfort and features of a smartphone. Since technology is growing and ever changing, Sony has decided on a concept that would change the future of this demanded smartphone. Sony uses Android as its operating system and recently made a decision to accumulate the advantages of Android and their very own innovations.

    According to Sony, the answer lies heavily on the shoulders of the users of Sony Xperia X. The concept goes like this: they give the volunteer users the software, and the users give back their criticisms and thoughts on their presentation so the company can find ways to solve and better their product. Sony takes customer service up a notch with this concept.

    So what do these Sony Xperia X users get? Well according to their official website, they have launched the updated operating software called the Android 7.1 Nougat. Its features involve multi-window support and better notifications. Sony also said they have streamlined the system for to navigate faster and to give the phone a smarter look.

    Sony urges these testers to give out their feedback on the new system. In their website, phoneArena shows the distinct major and minor differences between the OS of the Sony Xperia and the Sony Xperia X. One of the features is the Night Light which changes the phone's backlight color from its bluish tinge to a dark orange.

    The reason for this is the study that proves that bluish light can disrupt your sleeping patterns. Other major differences include the ambient notifications, increased battery saver (in place of Stamina Mode), and importantly, their storage space. The minor changes were also explained in their site. But before joining and being a tester, the site warns that since it is still in progress, changes in the system are updated regularly.

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