Apple iPad Release, Specs: 3 New iPad Models, Apple Pencil 2 Release Dates & Reports

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    Technology Technology Feb 14, 2017 08:30 AM EST


    Apple is on fire as three new iPad models are set to launch this year along with the Apple pencil 2. They have also given out the specs, and release dates for these new products and they are impressive.

    It is a good year for Apple as they announced their upcoming gadget releases for 2017 focusing more on the iPad and the Apple pencil. In their official site, Macworld first mentioned the iPad mini 5 possible. The name, however, is not finalized whether Apple will release an iPad mini 5 or the iPad pro mini. The possibility of an iPad mini 5 is higher as the iPad mini is itching for an update. The iPad mini 4 was released in 2015 and so far, Apple has kept mum about it.

    Another one in the works for Apple according to the same publication is the iPad Air 3. However, the site quoted Ming-Chi Kuo, a financial analyst in Asia (according to, states that it would be difficult for the marketing team to give a distinction between the iPad Air and the iPad Pro as they have released a bigger version of the Pro making it least likely for the iPad Air 3 to increase in size.

    The said publication also released a video concept of the Apple iPad Pro 2. In the video, it showed the iPad Pro 2 having a dual lens camera and a rather sleek design. It is still unbelievably thing and it also comes in different colors. As far as concepts go, this seems to actually be a big possibility.

    Kuo did lower his estimate of the sales but undoubtedly believes that Apple is still pushing through with selling the three iPad versions. As of now, Kuo predicts a 12.9-inch Pro, a new 10.5-inch Pro, and a regular 9.7-inch iPad. But, there has been no update as to which of the three goes along with the sizes stated. The iPad mini will still have its 7.9-inch size, as they say, though it will be hard for it to compete with the iPhone 6 Plus and the iPhone 7 Plus.

    Lastly, the New Apple Pencil 2 is in the making according to the site. They said on their site that one of their sources,, that Apple's supply chain points towards a huge possibility of a recreation of the Apple Pencil this time with a magnet to attach itself to the iPad Pro. The Apple Pencil first came out along with the iPad Pro in 2015 but following that, there were no new updates last year. So the possibility of getting new updates lie in 2017.

    Macworld is infamous for being able to predict the new gadgets coming out in the Apple community, and it has a lot of sites to back it up. As for the release dates, the rumor they heard would be March 2017 or somewhere in the middle of the year. The site continues to update its article so it's best to keep ourselves posted for any more clues.

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