6 Ways to Decorate With Radiant Orchid, Pantone's Color of the Year, In Your Home

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    Articles Articles Jan 19, 2014 03:01 PM EST


    In case you hadn't heard, Radiant Orchid is the official color of 2014 from Pantone,

    Fashionistas have been coming up with ways to work color into all the new clothing trends for next year, but what about working this lush color into your interior decorating?

    We talked with Jenny Zhu, President of Lush Décor, for tips on integrating Radiant Orchid into the home.

    1. Add a pop of it

    Zhu says the easiest way to integrate this color into a common area, like a living room, is by adding some purple decorative toss pillows and possibly a throw on a sofa or chairs as accent pieces. "Most living room fabrics today are neutral or solid tones as it is, so the vibrant purple will add a great pop of color to your room." This fuschia throw from Jayson Home would work.

    2. Do up your bathroom

    Zhu says Radiant Orchid represents health and royalty, the optimal themes for a bathroom! "Bringing in a solid or textured shower curtain within this color palette will transform your bathroom decor instantly. If solid purple is too much for your taste, a shower curtain with purple accents is another way to introduce this color," she says. This one is super fun.

    3. Don't go overboard

    Zhu says Although color is personal, almost all colors can play together depending on your mood, personality and the season. "I would suggest not using too much purple in one room to avoid going overboard - that can be said for any color!" she says.

    4. Pair it with neutrals

    Because purple can be so strong, Zhu says you will want to pair it with neutrals like white, off-white, gray or black. "White or beige with purple lends itself to create a relaxing mood. Black with purple creates a dramatic feel. In my opinion, silver or gray goes best with a vibrant purple. These two colors together create a perfect balance between elegance and sophistication," says Zhu.

    5. Layer colors

    Zhu says layering colors works especially way for the bedroom. For example, a purple comforter works so well with a white, beige or gray blanket, or a neutral color comforter looks lovely with purple quilt. This one from Lush Decor works.

    6. Add some decorative pillows

    Zhu says using decorative pillows, which have surface treatments in various shades of this vibrant purple, add a lot of depth and interest to a room. This one from RugStudio would do the trick.

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