These Lamp Designs Will Make Any Room a Work of Art

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    Interiors Interiors Feb 15, 2017 07:22 AM EST


    Cozo created and designed lamps that play with light and shadows to make the room appear like it is a work of art. The lamps provide patterns that are creative and mesmerizing.

    If you are interested in the incorporation of spirituality and modernity in patterns then these Cozo lamps are perfect for you! However, according to Dornob, you don't need to be religious to appreciate art such as these. Gleefully dubbed as "sacred geometry," these lamps may look like ordinary decorative but once you turn on the light, it automatically gives life to the room.

    Sacred geometry, as seen in these Cozo lamps, are patterns that occur in nature and are in churches, temples, and monuments hence the description as sacred. The patterns that are of equal proportion have also impressed mathematicians and philosophers. The intricate details of these lamps each tell a story.

    Mandalas have made a comeback to the art scene and these therapeutic patterns reflect those in the different styles of the Cozo lamps. The lamps alone already look attractive. According to Cozo, the materials they use are electro-plated steel but with gold finish. This gives the lamp that classic look reminiscent of the Asian lamp designs. The bigger ones (2 ft. in size) are made of lightweight plywood and still painted gold.

    These Cozo lamps started out from an art installation in 2014 called HYBYCOZO that featured large-scale 4D art with patterns. Garnering a lot of attention and inspiration from that event, the team decided to make small-scale products that featured their signature geometric patterns.

    Cozo lamps are shipping worldwide yet the prices depend on the distance. Their location is in San Francisco, California. Cozo is short for The Construction Zone and their focus is creating design pieces for people's homes. Right now, Cozo expanded to furniture and jewelry. This company gets inspiration from the fusion of art, technology, and design. With such an inspiration, they have created magical pieces by simply playing around with light and shadows.

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