What To Avoid Doing If You Have a Small Living Space

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    Interiors Interiors Feb 19, 2017 05:46 AM EST


    If you have a small space, it is best to steer clear from these common mistakes that people commit when they start decorating their petite rooms. Professional designers give advice on what issues you should avoid if you want to revamp your place.

    With the rise of urban living, there have been many residential places with small space. Homeowners are now decorating these small millennial areas and making them into multi-functional homes. However, since one still tries to adapt in such a cramped place, they have a tendency to overdo their decorating.

    Architectural Digest explores the mistakes made by these modern homeowners and teaches us what to avoid doing if you have a small space. These mistakes range from choosing the right furniture for your home to mismanagement of the floor plan. One of the top advice these designers give is to THINK BIG. Yes, you should learn to think big even if your place is small.

    They say the most common mistake for people is that they tend to buy small furniture to fit the small space. One should be able to think balance. A big storage container is enough to hide the unruly objects that would be lying around if you got an otherwise smaller one. Why would you not use one big furniture piece as opposed to using many small furniture pieces?

    Another mistake you should avoid if you have a small space is going random. Forgetting to plan where to put your basic household items would not only waste space but would also waste time and add stress. Therefore, it is best to map out where your furniture would go. This goes hand in hand with the next mistake.

    When one has already settled in a small space, they usually do not bother with reorganizing, and this is what you should avoid. Do not be afraid to edit your place. If you feel that there are some items that do not maximize the space, scrap it out and change it to a more space-saving one. Settling instead of editing is one of the worst mistakes people make in their small space.

    The last mistake to avoid doing with your small space lies on your rug. Surprising, isn't it? Some people like to have rugs as a staple in their homes. But it's all a matter of choosing the right rug to give your small space the illusion of making it appear wider. The best advice is going big on the rug! Smaller rugs make your small space appear even tinier and more cramped than sprawling ones.

    Sometimes it's the design and decorations that you should avoid to lessen the clutter in your small space. HGTV also points out that the proper choice in decorations can also make a big difference in giving the illusion of space.

    Well, there you have it, the mistakes you have to avoid doing if you have a small space. Let's just hope this time around you can get more ideas for your modern home.

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