Have A Look At The Buildings That Will Define Architecture For 2017

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    Architecture Architecture Feb 19, 2017 05:24 AM EST


    Architecture always finds new things to put on the platter for 2017 and these buildings are getting plenty of attention. Take a look at what styles of buildings would be the prime architecture definition for this year.

    Buildings are always changing their appearances and this year it's no different. Despite the preservation of historic and iconic buildings, architects are finding ways to build modern buildings that are both practical and artistic. Artsy has compiled some of the buildings that stand out from the rest.

     The company's basis for these buildings is from architecture basics such as their design, their location, their accommodations, and their functionality. These buildings are truly remarkable to look at and would definitely be enough to inspire aspiring architects.

    One of these inspirational buildings is the Herzog & Meuron's Elbphilharmonic in Hamburg. Even though it costs €789 million, it is worth every single coin as the outcome is just majestic. The building is a mix of traditional and modern, its bottom's inspiration comes from the infamous Brick Expressionism yet the roofing has a modern and edgy appearance to it.

    Another inspirational building sits in Manila, Philippines. This is the City Center Tower designed by CAZA (Carlos Arnaiz Architects). This 27-story office building is just one of the designs by the company who aims to create modern projects of transnational proportions. The company is located in capital cities that are located in Colombia, Peru, and Manila.

    The most challenging area to place a building that would shine in the world of architecture is New York. The Jerome L. Greene Science Center manages to outshine the buildings in this concrete jungle. This is part of Columbia University that is considered as one of the driving forces in monumental projects in the city.

    Most of the buildings with unique and artistic appearances are museums that are already architecture features. Some of these are the Ghana National Museum of Slavery and Freedom in Cape Coast and the Museum of Image and Sound in Rio de Janeiro. CNN Style also features buildings that are mostly museums and one with a unique and fun look is the Lego House in Billund.

    What these buildings have in common for modern architecture in 2017 is their ability to incorporate design and functionality. Their artistic appearances play with lines, shadows, textures, and colors. There are a lot of buildings around the world but what makes these ones shine out is their daring capacity to break convention and boundaries.

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