Life Among the Dead: Contemporary Artworks in Cairo’s City of the Dead

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    Architecture Architecture Feb 19, 2017 05:50 AM EST


    Cairo's City of the Dead met its match with the contrast given by these contemporary artworks that are so full of life. Artists decide to give a little color to the gloom and depressing aura in their town's complex.

    The City of the Dead in Cairo got its name from their history as it used to house the corpses in the 7th century. True to its name, the appearance of this small expanse in Cairo appears dead and gloomy but a group of artists decided to enliven things up through their art. In CGTN Africa's video, Agnieszka Dobrowolska, one of the architects working on the project, says their main goal is to bring their cultural heritage through creative and contemporary art.

    Dobrowolska also added that it is a good contrast as their contemporary artworks show life and culture in the City of the Dead. The artworks, which feature comical and lively characters, also embody a meeting of east and west. It is a form of art expression as these artworks are not in museums but are on the walls.

    The contemporary artworks are graffiti that cover the walls and the fences of the City of the Dead. These are more like murals and definitely contrast the monochromatic shades of the place. According to the report, these are not the first graffiti in Egypt. Most of the graffiti are political but these artworks are towards a lighter subject. Dobrowolska said that these artworks are pure art, joy, and fun.

    The art movement was in Yahoo! News who reported about these contemporary works that highlighted the City of the Dead in Cairo. The project's name is "Outside In the Art of Inclusion." Their theme is to show the people the merging of old and new, life and death, and the diversity of the city.

    The City of the Dead in Cairo now shines with diversity as the contemporary artworks differ per artist's interpretation. Until now, there are still more artworks going on and hopefully, this depressing and bittersweet sight would be more cheerful and alive.

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