These Posters of Female Scientists Take Girl Power to the Next Level!

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    Design Design Feb 21, 2017 08:05 AM EST


    Nowadays, there is a very huge regard for gender equality thus rousing these modern posters of female scientists. The fusion of art and feminism gave out some amazing outcomes that should be displays around classrooms for inspiration.

    Fast Company featured Amanda Phingbodhipakkiya, a neuroscientist and designer, as their main subject because of her poster designs on these renowned female scientists. She named her project "Beyond Curie" and it aims to let the people know about these powerful women of science whose names are not quite familiar in the classroom and even outside. Amanda says that these women went through a lot of gender discrimination and societal challenges yet overcame all of them and became brilliant people in the field of science.

    Beyond Curie not only focuses on the female scientists but also badass women belonging to technology, engineering and mathematics. This design project focuses on women empowerment as well as education. So far, there are 32 posters of these talented women in different fields and they are beyond basic.

    What better way to let others know about these amazing female scientists if not through posters with modern and artistic design. These posters are both educational and eye-catching. This set of posters is different from those that feature women clad in revealing outfits. These ones show the women comfortable in their field: garbed in their uniform, busy with work and experiments, and giving classy poses. In addition to that, the graphics in each of their posters coincide with their field of expertise.

    The site shows the different colorful posters of these female scientists and, when clicked, they would automatically link the viewer to a page explaining in detail the identities of these women. Amanda said that these female scientists deserve the same recognition as the male figures in science. This project is one of the many projects that integrate education, design, and women empowerment.

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