London Architecture and Design: Top Picks this Week

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    Architecture Architecture Feb 23, 2017 10:05 AM EST


    It is surprising how big the culture of architecture and design is nowadays, especially in London. This week, they have narrowed down the different happenings in the architecture and design scene.

    Archinect, a site dedicated to connect designers and architects around the world, featured different events that cover architecture and design in London. There have been many events made for the growth of architecture and design that supported architects and designers of all ages, particularly students.

    They have an event hosted by the RIBA (the Royal Institute of British Architects) that gives their student members an opportunity to network themselves and think about the future of their work in architecture and design. The event covers a networking session and talks that would get these future architects ready for what's to come after university.

    Keeping up with their support on these architecture and design students, they also had a Design Night sponsored by popular design software, Autodesk. Autodesk's event has been all around the world in cities like Tokyo, Paris, San Francisco, and now, London. The event explores the future of technology and its advantage for architecture and design.

    Another one that helps inspire architecture and design is the RA's (Royal Academy) exhibition on Russian Art. Their exhibition features the 1920s Soviet culture made into avant-garde interpretation. You can immerse yourself in this exhibition by dressing up in their traditional costume, going into different rooms that feature their art, and even enjoy a traditional meal matched with Russia's signature drink, vodka.

    There are talks about the outlook for architecture and design that focuses on spatial areas especially for the London urban residences. They said that the capital for London inhabitants could possibly reach 10 million within the next decade. Oliver Wainwright, architecture critic, will be holding this talk about the role of architects and designers in helping and moving along with the spike in the London population.

    The site also encourages others to watch the Beazley Designs of the Year for the best choices in architecture and design. The event is at the Design Museum. All of these events are focused on one objective: the development of architecture and design in general. 

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