World Architecture Festival Awards 2017 All Set And Ready

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    Events Events Feb 23, 2017 08:58 AM EST


    A three-day event for architects and interior designers is up as the World Architecture Festival 2017 is scheduled from Nov 15 to 17 in Berlin, Germany. The event is the only global festival that incorporates occasions from on-the-spot judging, awarding, conference, and sharing of architectural and interior designing ideas and creativeness.

    The concept of the World Architectural Festival is not all about recognition of works but the creation of an international network in the fields of architecture and interior designs. This is open for individuals worldwide, and in fact, started accepting entries since January this year. Organizers were also able to set April 27 as the early bird rate entry deadline while the final submission of entry is on May 18.

    Multiple universal recognition is the perks when exposed in this global festival for both architects and interior designers. The World Architecture Festival are monitored by international press covering sixty-five countries with over 2000 architects that will showcase all works in the entry and raise the profile of the individuals.

    After the event, participating individuals will be part of the winner's book that will go through numerous publication to over a hundred countries with an expected 7000 readers worldwide. Architects and interior designer will possibly be featured in over 500 news articles from leading prominent news bureau and architecture and design affiliated platforms supporting the World Architecture Festival.

    "In a period of profound change across the world, architects will play a significant part in creating building, cities, public places and landscapes that respond to the challenges we have acknowledged," World Architecture Festival Director Paul Finch said in an interview with Architecture Now. He further expressed, "There are immense amounts of research being undertaken across the architects and interior designers which we hope we can draw attention to, and which we intend to support through publication, exhibition and funding initiatives."

    The World Architecture Festival 2016 delivered prominence to its winners such as Zaha Hadid Architects, BIG, Snøhetta, Isay Weinfeld and Foster and Partners as well as ones to watch Vo Trong Nghia, Farshad Mehdizadeh, and Gustavo Penna respectively. These people have become an inspiration to thousands of architects and interior designers in a global scale.

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