Venice Biennale 2017 Highlights & Art Exhibits Worth Looking Forward To

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    Events Events Mar 01, 2017 10:22 AM EST


    Venice Biennale 2017 has some interesting art exhibits this year such as ancient Iraqi artifacts and a whole lot more. Art enthusiasts itching for some fine exhibits are going to have a fix for their cravings.

    This year's event features ancient, 7,000 year old Iraqi statues, medical artifacts and even toys. According to NewYorkTimes, Iraq's pavilion is dubbed "Archaic", which will feature artifacts that were recovered from looters during the United States-Iraq invasion.

    The Iraq pavilion arts exhibit at the Venice Biennale 2017 is organized by The Ruya Foundation. The non-profit organization puts emphasis on the cultural heritage of Iraq, as they put together "Archaic" as a sign of that heritage.

    Although the Iraqi pavilion won't be the only showstopper in the Venice Biennale 2017. The Irish arts exhibit by artist Jesse Jones will also be taking center stage this year.

    The Irish pavilion will tackle on controversial issues and will have themes that emit stronger impact to the viewers. According to ArtnetNews, the Irish exhibit will feature an "expanded form of cinema."

    The art medium of this pavilion extends to written lyrics, statements and testimonies all blended into "a powerful incantation." This Venice Biennale 2017 exhibit tackles thought-provoking issues like the legislation of abortion in Ireland, the oppression of women during the 16th century and even the witch trials.

    There's also American abstract artist Mark Bradford, who is responsible for the American pavilion in the Venice Biennale. The Iceland pavilion is also worth looking forward to, as trolls Ugh and Boogar takes center stage in a show filled with Icelandic folklore.

    These art exhibits are only the tip of the iceberg in what to expect as there are over a hundred artists who will showcase their works on the event's central exhibition. Some prominent artists will feature their finest works on the "Viva Arte Viva" exhibit. The Venice Biennale 2017 arts exhibition opens on May.

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