Sci-Fi Architecture for Everyone’s Fantasy

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    Architecture Architecture Feb 28, 2017 08:58 AM EST


    Having a creative mind and a good influence in science can do wonders for the creators who made sci-fi architecture the stuff of fantasy. Their works are enough to make you want to pack your bags and relocate.

    Architectural Digest gives us the nit and grit on the new sci-fi architecture these designers conjured up. A group of designers and graphic artists give out their best works where art meets architecture. These artists compete against each other in The Fairy Tales competition sponsored by Blank Space (an online site for architecture). This year, the 2017 competition just chose its winners and their designs are all impressive.

    This sci-fi architecture competition is not an easy one as it is one of the biggest competitions with 20 professionals in the architecture and design community. Competitors from around 60 countries try their luck in the hopes of being one of the best in sci-fi architecture and design. Blank Space collaborated with the National Building Museum alongside the American Institute of Architecture Students or AIAS.

    The theme of this year's fantasy competition is "When Architecture Tells A Story" that would feature sci-fi architecture in our world giving it a modern-day utopian feel. The competition happened last February 6 at the National Building Museum in Washington DC. The declaration of winners happened in front of a live audience. Different designs that told stories through their artwork lined up for display at the museum but only one will come out as the best.

    The winner for this year's Fairy Tale 2017 sci-fi architecture competition is Mykhailo Ponomarenko. Mykhailo is a trained architect residing from Ukraine and his piece's title is "Last Day." His painting did not make use of the flashy graphics that technology offered; rather it went back to the roots to show an artwork reminiscent of classic painting. Of course this was a digital work but the outcome appeared as a wonderful 60s sci-fi poster.

    The top choices seemed to have the same theme gravitating around them as the second winner for this sci-fi architecture and art is "City Walkers" made by Chicago-based architect Terrence Hector. Hector's showed a somewhat classic old photograph and blueprint that looks like a real photo taken decades ago. You can see and marvel at all of their works in their site here.

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