Be Amazed at these Watercolor Floor Plans from Popular Movies

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    Art Art Feb 28, 2017 08:59 AM EST


    Have a new perspective on the watercolor floor plans that came from popular movies and be amazed at this artist's attention to detail. Her works' entire objective is to make floor plans appear more creative and make them easier to visualize.

    Archinect's recent feature is Boryana Ilieva whose reputation is to make realistic watercolor floor plans inspired from popular movies. Ilieva who is both an artist and architect started recently working with her inspiration from movies and added them to her project. This art project known as "Floor Plan Croissant" is her most recent set and she worked on this for a good two years now.

    Ilieva studied the sets of these popular movies, all of which are Academy Award nominees, and started making her watercolor floor plans. What makes these floor plans creative and even realistic is Ilieva's meticulous eye for detail. When she paints these floor plans, she goes to even the smallest detail such as chairs and pillow placements.

    Some of the popular movies where Ilieva got her inspiration to make these watercolor floor plans are as follows: "Fences", "La La Land", "Elle", "20th Centure Women", and "Toni Erdman." Her artistry appears in all of her works as the colors are usually on point and she enjoys adding highlights and shadows.

    Ilieva did not just focus her watercolor floor plans on popular movies, however. She created artworks for the popular sci-fi TV series "Stranger Things." ArchDaily featured the artworks that gave her signature bird's eye view of the different floor plans in the series. Perhaps it is because of the underlying theme of this series that gave her the interest to paint four different watercolor floor plans.

    There seems to be a pattern to most of the watercolor floor plans she chose to paint and this is not just in the series but also in the popular movies. Most of these watercolor works have the theme: nostalgia. The sets are all reminiscent of past eras. Will Ilieva explain why there is a penchant for nostalgia? Is there even a theme or is she just attracted to the colors and the look? Whatever the reason is, keep updating to find out what strikes her inspiration next.

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