Confórmi: How Visual References Echo Through the Ages

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    Interiors Interiors Feb 28, 2017 02:01 AM EST


    The word "interior" means inside and "design" means an idea or drawing, propagated to show the function or structure of a building, garment or other objects. So together "Interior Design" means a decorative pattern or planning which can show the inside out of a plot before it's made.

     In design, an important fragment of evidence is- description. Interior designers must possess the quality of describing their vision in words for clients. They should also be able to narrate their thoughts to engineers and their coworkers.

     On the other hand analysis of the design is also needed. This helps the designer to work more smoothly. According to market research, Analysis turns the designer's idea into an argument to research and collect the required data.

    Ralph Lauren once said- "I don't design clothes, I design dreams." It clearly states that an interior designer's vision should depict his inspiration. It should also articulate how a designer faces and handles all the troubles he has gone through creating a unique design. It's worth mentioning here every designer has their own way to create a design. Sometimes they have killer plans. But they have to keep in mind the client's proposals. So after a lot of troubles ultimately a great plan develops.

        In past interior design was a part of architectural design. According to rumors India, In ancient India, architects were actually interior as well as exterior designers. We can refer that from Indian mythological character- God Vishwakarma. In the 17th-18th century, it was the only concern of homemaker or craftsman.

    In the 19th century after the evolution of building materials, interior design expanded greatly. Got more established after World War II. With the advancement of time society has developed. Now it has become another whole project. How a small/big place can be decorated in multiple ways where we can use the available space effectively is the main challenge here. Changes in ventilation, floors, doors, windows, air-passing system, lighting, coloring, and texture of rooms are also greatly concerned in here.

    Interior design is not only about getting right colors or furniture, it's about designing dreams. Through the phases of designing, remodeling, renovating and decorating a finished, polished, well-furnished look comes which balances between life and dreams. At last, it can be said that a good interior design- makes a home much more than a shelter, makes it a Feeling.

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