A Japanese Photographer Gives Life to These Action Figures

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    Art Art Feb 28, 2017 08:59 AM EST


    Here is what a little creativity and some good quality camera can do with your regular childhood action figures as Japanese photographer, Hot.kenobi, play around with his pictures. Enjoy the images that tell a story and make these action figures come to life!

    Bored Panda, an entertainment and news website, featured these lively photos of action figures taken by Hot.kenobi, a Japanese photographer. You know what they say about a picture saying a thousand words, and these photographs are just creative enough to do just that. Most of his photos are well-angled and expressive mixed with a little editing and some good old-fashioned humor.

    Hot.kenobi , the Japanese photographer, is from Osaka and his past time is taking photos of his action figures and giving them life and a story and posting them on his Instagram. His photos mostly feature action figures from global comic book franchises such as Marvel and DC. However, he also has some Star Wars, Disney, and other geek favorites. He does have some special effects to them but only to a minimum, perhaps just a little tweaking here and there.

    To make the images more real and life-like, Hot.kenobi adds some distinguishing objects along with these action figures. Small toys such as books, coffee mugs, motorcycles, and chairs to say the least come as handy accessories to these photographs. On some occasions, he also uses real everyday items that are in his room and his house like controllers, radio/stereo, soda cans, bottles, and cellphones.

    This Japanese photographer does not reel back on his cinematic touches when shooting these action figures. Hot.kenobi plays around with lighting, motion blur, natural elements such as rain and dust, a good landscape such as grassy areas and concrete platforms, and depth of field. All of these things compose a wonderful and very creative crossover of characters. His antics give entertainment and awe to his thousands of followers. This just goes to show that creativity need not be expensive and good photographs can come even from within the four walls of your room.

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