Plants & Architecture: the Secret Key Combination For Longer Life Span

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    Design Design Feb 28, 2017 09:22 AM EST


    Architecture is really in the limelight! After proving its wide connection with society's social, political, and economic aspect, it is moving on with science now. Find out here how plants and architectural incorporation helps extend one's lifespan.

    According to Apartment Therapy, a Harvard research made a startling connection between life expectancy and vegetation. Hence, the thought of incorporating the key to architecture came out. The idea is having a personal forest where structure owners are exposed to it.

    In relation, there's a research called Plants & Architecture Research Cluster that foresees the study of "how buildings and plants interact" thus promoting more eco-friendly places. In here, the aim is to develop greener buildings in the future where people enjoy having their own vegetation in the comfort of their own spaces.

    The concept is really important with the growing problems with pollutions, especially in the air. Plants are getting scarce now after more forests are turned into a residence, commercial, and business center. To counteract the loss, experts thought of the best way to bring back vegetation on the lives of many.

    In the future, more building will surely include greenery on its designs. It's not surprising as well if cities will make it as a law already. This concept is a real huge leap from the traditional idea of architecture. Before, it's just all about the process of producing a sturdy and pleasing structure but its slowly developing as urbanization came to light.

    For plants and architecture design examples, Dezeen rounded up the best Pinterest-board inspired homes. From exterior to its interior, vegetation is made possible in each amazing spaces.

    Ukraine's KI Design Studio designed an apartment where an oak wall is covered with plants and flowers. The descending style of the vegetation added an interesting touch to the place. Lastly, Brazil's House MCNY, its hallway was filled by MF+ Arquitetos with tropical plants then other plants are also put all over the place.

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