Uber CEO’s Issues Public Apology For Driver Harassment

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    Technology Technology Mar 01, 2017 07:30 AM EST


    The Uber harassment incident between driver Fawzi Kamel and Travis Kalanick led the CEO to publicly apologize as he realizes the steps needed to redeem his company. There's no doubt that Uber has contributed a lot in the transportation industry.

    With that being said, Uber's success continues to grow and expand as time goes on. However, that success is being marred by numerous complaints and lawsuits filed against the company.

    According to TheHill, Uber is currently becoming a "prime target" of numerous lawsuits such as Intellectual Property infringement and sexual harassment. Even the recent Uber harassment incident was due to alleged labor violations the company is being accused of.

    Uber isn't necessarily on the verge of a downhill slope, but there are changes that need to be made from within the company. The recent Uber harassment altercation involving the company CEO proves as an example of what Uber needs to change.

    According to TechCrunch, Kalanick started addressing the issue by publicly apologizing for his recent actions.

    The leaked Uber harassment video featured driver Kamel accusing Kalanick for driving him to bankruptcy. The Uber CEO responded in a hostile manner, telling the Uber driver that his claims have no basis.

    This particular Uber harassment incident only further ruined the company's reputation. Fortunately, Kalanick is hoping to fix the problem by changing the way he's leading the company.

    In Kalanick's apology, he mentioned that the altercation made him "ashamed" of his actions. The Uber CEO admitted that he did not behave in a way that a leader should, and that he hopes to seek "leadership help" in order to redeem the company.

    Of course, this only marks as the first step in fixing the damage done to Uber's reputation. Regardless, Kalanick's actions indicate that all hope isn't lost when it comes to rebuilding the company. Uber still has to tackle incoming lawsuits, but the way Kalanick addressed the Uber harassment incident shows that they're on the right path to recovery. 

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