Survey Results of America’s Favorite Stores Are Out!

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    Articles Articles Mar 02, 2017 09:27 AM EST


    A survey of America's favorite stores conducted just released its results and they displayed the names of the stores. Is your favorite store part of the list? Read on to find out more.

    A feature in Apartment Therapy talked about America's favorite stores based on the survey results. The survey gives a 0 - 100 rating score for the different retailers and the basis of it is consumer satisfaction. This is not just any survey but one conducted annually.

    This group conducts the survey of America's favorite stores every year to ensure that people are getting the best consumer service. The American Customer Satisfaction Index is a group boasting of being the "national cross-industry measure of customer satisfaction in the United States." Their survey focuses on customer evaluations based on their goods and services. Their basis is quality over quantity. The survey itself is not that easily manipulated as it goes to a massive scale. 70,000 individuals of different legal ages and classes are the reach of the ACSI survey.

    For America's favorite stores under the Department and Discount Store division, the results start with Dillard's as number one with a score of 83. The store following that is JCPenney who got the biggest improvement compared to their results last year with an 82 as score. Dollar Tree, Belk, and Nordstrom came in 3rd place with 80, but the latter's results were lower than the ones from its previous year. Macy's and Target came in closer with 79. Walmart, despite a huge increase, still garnered almost at the bottom with 72.

    The survey results also gave out America's favorite results under the Specialty Store division. The top scorer is Costco with 83. Sam's Club, Barnes & Noble, and L Brands (Bath and Body Works and Victoria's Secret) who got an 81 then closely followed. Other brands that got between the ranges of 79 - 80 are Home Depot (80), Lowe's (79), TJX (80), and Bed Bath & Beyond, Burlington, and Gap all got 79. The lowest was BJ's Wholesale Club (76).

    For Supermarkets, the survey results of America's favorite stores are all close matches with none getting below 80 in scoring. The most favorite is Trader Joe's with a score of 86. Publix got the second place to itself with 84. A tie happened between ALDI, Wegmans, and H-E-B at 83. Lastly, Whole Foods got the lowest at 81.

    One of the newest additions is Internet Retail and America's favorite stores did not lie in their survey results. Topping the list is an obvious win by Amazon (86). Followed by New Egg (83), eBay (81), and Netflix and Overstock are both at 79. To find out about the details, click on ACSI's result page. There you have it! All of America's favorite stores, did yours make the cut?

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