Go Sofa Mania With Endless Possibilities Of The Bob Customizable Couch

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 02, 2017 11:47 AM EST


    The sofa mania begins with this new type of customizable seat that owners can form however they want. Bob is a sofa with a modular design, that means the possibilities of how this couch looks like is limited to the owner's imagination.

    According to DesignMilk, Bob is the product of Swedish designers Thomas Bernstrand and Stefan Borselius. Bob was created for Swedish innovative furniture company called Bla Station.

    The simplistic pieces of Bob can turn be turned into unconventional sofa designs. The idea behind Bob challenges the norm of traditional seating as it rekindles the owner's creativity. Given the amount of options, owners can easily go sofa mania on various design possibilities.

    Of course, Bob can always be turned into a regular and conventional sofa or even stretched into a couch. However, more creative owners can turn these pieces of furniture into works of art, with seating functionality to boot.

    The furniture's flexibility is its biggest selling point. Bob can be turned into something that's practical for the family and functional for the guests. At the same time, Bob can be turned into a good conversation piece for friends and guests alike.

    According to Dezeen, Bla station is marketing Bob as a furniture that offers "architectonic freedom." The furniture company added that Bob provides "almost unlimited options" with its modules. Potential owners could easily go sofa mania given the amount of curves and fabric choices this furniture has to offer.

    Bla station also revealed that Bob will come with a wide selection of colors to choose from. The Swedish creators even mentioned that Bob is furniture that is quite "easy to handle."

    Owners have a choice whether they want backless sofas, ones with large armrests or even if they want a uniquely curvy and unconventional one. With a furniture like Bob, owners can easily trigger their inner creativity and go sofa mania. 

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