A Flying House for a Pilot Boasts of Artistic Architecture

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 03, 2017 07:21 AM EST


    This artistic architecture shows how modern houses are a thing of the future - the flying house made by IROJE KHM for a pilot. The outcome is nothing short of amazing! Check it out for yourself.

    Here comes a unique way of building houses that just stand out from the rest like that of the flying house, specifically created for a young pilot and his family. A great piece of architecture was featured in ArchDaily since its appearance is not like all the other houses. In fact, despite its pure white color, the overall look just shines among the dull-colored buildings and lots.

    The flying house is on one of the vacant areas located in Incheon, South Korea and its artistic architecture is amazing no matter which side you look at it. According to Britannica, Korean architecture centers on simplicity, lack of extremes and economy of shape. The flying house, on the other hand, is nothing like it.

    Perhaps the reason why the flying house is part of works, dubbed as artistic architecture, was because it pushed boundaries and stereotypes but remained true to the culture - thanks to IROJE KHM. One of the oldest architecture companies IROJE KHM is always evolving in their ways of designing new buildings. The company started out in 1989 and their focus is to restore the architecture culture in Korea against the Westernized ones. The company likes to play around with lines, shapes and abstract designs in their projects.

    The flying house is just a few meters away from the Incheon airport since the young pilot finds it most convenient to locate it just right near his workplace. The architecture shows symbolism through the curves in the house that are all towards the sky. From afar, the house looked like it is in flight, thus, getting the name the flying house. Even with the appearance of flying, the house still appeared grounded as the lower parts are strongly standing on the ground. Continuing with their fusion of air and land, they have small gardens located on the outer spaces within the house. Surprisingly, the team worked with a budget yet produced such a wonderful and artistic architecture.

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