Mirage: A Mirror Cabin in Coachella Valley is a Work of Art

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    Articles Articles Mar 03, 2017 09:08 AM EST


    In Coachella Valley, there sits a beautiful work of art named Mirage, a mirror cabin whose artist Doug Aitken decided to play around with camouflage. The result is a remarkable thing of beauty.

    According to Dezeen, Mirage looks like one of the typical ranch houses in Coachella Valley, but the only thing different with this mirror cabin is that it becomes a work of art due to its appearance. There are angles of the mirror cabin where one loses the lines where the work of art ends and the landscape begins. It genially hides along the foliage.

    American artist and designer Doug Aitken made this work of art as part of the Desert X art festival, which aims to support local art and cultural awareness. The art exhibit happened in the deserts of Coachella valley and the works made by established and emerging artists revolve around local and global issues. The works range from serious and moving to playful and marvelous.

    The mirror cabin on Coachella Valley is marvelous as the work of art made Mirage something worthy of speculation. Not a single area of Doug Aitken's Mirage is without a reflective surface. The roof, the walls, the entrance in all five (including the roof) sides are all mirrors. The result of it is amazing regardless of the time in the day or the weather.

    Doug Aitken's work of art is a combination of two inspirations: Frank Lloyd Wright's modernized designs in architecture and the American traditional ranch houses. The ranch houses are around the area since the 20s and 30s, so having a modernized take on it gives it a rather interesting product.

    Since Mirage the mirror cabin is a work of art, it was not for comfort in the Coachella Valley. Doug Aitken placed the cabin there, but there are no inhabitants as well as furnitures and belongings. He took out doors and windows so all you have is a shape of the classic ranch house sans furnishing. The interior of the house also has mirrors, thus, making reflections inside and outside of the house. Once you enter, it would be like a kaleidoscope house, while a feeling of confusion would be the first emotion one would have the moment they enter the house.

    However, it is still a good experience to immerse one's self in a work of art such as the mirror cabin known as Mirage, along with other works in Coachella Valley. The event began on Feb. 25  and will end on April 30, but Aitken said his work will last until October 2017.

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