A Designer's Eclectic Apartment in a House Full of Artistic Women — House Tour

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 04, 2017 09:20 AM EST


    When you belong to a family of artists, the next best thing that can happen to you is that you get to stay in a place far away from your home that is equally filled with artists. Karli Kane Hendrickson happens to be one such lucky soul. The cozy apartment that Kane lives in happens to be a part a colossal house that is inhabited by three other creative minds.

    According to Apartment Therapy, the three-storey apartment houses two musicians belonging to the band Secret Circle who reside on the first floor of the house. Apart from this Muffy Brandt, the successful owner of the Etsy Shop resides on the second floor and Karli herself stays on the third one which is the brightest and the most creative of corners of the house. Karli happens to be an art director, an illustrator, and designer by profession.

    Situated on the West Side of Providence the appearance of the third floor of the designer's apartment helps Karli relive memories from her childhood. In fact what makes her enjoy her space all the more is the fact that the third floor acts as a catalyst to her budding creativity. Among the few prized possessions that Karli keeps with her back in the apartment, her favorites happen to be a Marimekko fabric of a vintage origin inherited from her grandmother. The other one is a cloth map of America that was given to her by another grandmother named Grammy.According to Fan Machine, Karli has been residing in the designer's apartment for about a year with her other creative friends.

    The place has turned out to be one of her favorite hangout spots of all times.Not just relaxing, but she does get to spend a quality amount of time in respect to her profession as well. What better to expect when you have a residence that might cater to you both professionally as well as personally? Guess that is what you term luck!!

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