Interior Framing Wall Art Design: What To Frame & How To Style

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 05, 2017 06:52 AM EST


    Wall art has been a growing interior design trend since many years ago. Now, the fun never stopped and framing art has been born. Hence, here is a list of amazingly unexpected things to frame at home. While some styling techniques are also available for real-time designing.

    In a report by Apartment Therapy, it shared lots of DIY ideas for framing art which is the latest styling trend in wall art interior design. Here all the stuff are just found inside the home and just a few craft supplies are needed to transform them.

    To start off, using a fabric for wall framing art is one of the easiest to do. Its wide choice and availability convenience is the biggest draw for it. Calendars are also a good material for this interior décor. They only need to be cut and repurposed into something creative.

    Wallpapers, wrapping paper, and magazine clippings likewise make good wall displays. The three are best for framing art because they have great color and design ranges. Besides, throwing away these materials would just be wasteful so it's better to juts turn them into really nice interior design items.

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    For the styling of the DIY framed arts, Houzz suggested many tips on how to do it. The ideas range from all the spaces in the house. From small to big frames, all of it will surely turn any area more attractive.

    Start with the largest frame art then place some smaller ones on the sides. This technique is excellent for living rooms. Whereas creating a seamless look through aligning the same-sized pieces in a parallel line creates a good wall emphasis for any kitchen.

    A stand alone framed art works nicely also for any wall. As long as it's definitely eye-catching it will surely bring an incredible change for any space. Lastly, just make sure to find balance with its size and design on the overall design of the room.

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