China’s Plagiarized Tower Bridge Sparks Culture Identity Crisis

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 06, 2017 04:38 AM EST


    China's infamous imitation streak has crept in architecture as well. In essence, Suzhou's Tower Bridge and other copycat structures are now in the limelight. It's threatening effect on the country's own culture is the subject of dismay for many today.

    According to Inhabitat, the beautiful Chinese Tower Bridge is not capturing everyone's favor. It's the latest news after its pictures broke in the web and garnered lots of attentions. Now, many experts are alarmed to its negative impact on the traditional architecture of Suzhou.

    When the China's copycat Tower Bridge was built last 2012, many were awed with its more beautiful construction. Though lately, OAD Group President Li Yingwu labeled it instead as a plagiarism.

    "I was really surprised that it got built in Suzhou because it has preserved its culture really well," Yingwu stated about the Chinese Tower Bridge.  "It shows that local officials lack confidence in their own culture," He continued. 

    Li Yingwu's words aren't the last to question the bad effect of the Tower Bridge. Many other followed that they also commented on its damaging cover on the true meaning of Chinese architecture.

    In relation, China's copycat building doesn't end with the Tower Bridge others are Chengdu's British Town, Shanghai's Thames Town, Hangzhou's Eiffel Tower, and much more. To take note, they are just too much that the local architecture of the place is slowly dying.

    According to the New York Times, the Chinese Bridge Tower copycat issue has been long addressed when the State Council voiced its disagreement. Seemingly, the reason for this rising plagiarism is the country's architect idea to globalize the country.

    Lastly, putting more effort in developing more authentic globally designed architecture is the only answer for China's plagiarism. Only in this way are the country's beautiful oriental identity will last.

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