An Absolutely Adorable 400 Square Foot San Francisco Studio - Adrianne Nailed It

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 08, 2017 11:34 AM EST


    A visual designer in trade Adrianne always uses to play with color palettes in her creative block, which helps her to keep pace with her own track. Visual designers usually focus more on a specific & detailed elements of design and of digital parts. Visual designing is actually a more specialist net of graphic design. So when Adrianne describes herself as a visual designer one thing is clear that she was looking for a place where she can inspire her vision with her own little vibes.

    From Chicago when she moved to San Francisco Adrianne was looking for a one bedroom apartment. But suddenly she made mind for the 400sq. ft. studio in lower specific heights of San Francisco, also known as Upper Fillmore.

    Adrianne was supremely focused with all enjoyable stuff she can put in her apartment. According to apartment therapy,  Adrianne's vision is simple but bold & classic with a touch of irony. She likes clean lines melted with pattern & fine texture.

    Adrianne stated that she got her inspiration from Emily Henderson, Anthropology, Free People, The Brick House blog, The Jungalow blog, and Apartment Therapy. She also described this as a cause to rent that small studio. As for favorites she mentioned 2 things- one is a martini bottle of her grandmother's time, which is a link between her & her ancestors and also a link to her Italian legacy.

    According to Graphic design, Adrianne pointed that during the designing period she faced the biggest challenge when she had to transform a very small kitchen with black countertops paired with maple wood into a comparably brighter, cleaner & properly equipped one. Her biggest embarrassment was framing defect like a bigger mat or imperfect gallery wall.

    Whereas she also mentioned 2 beautiful things- one is her& her dad's memory- the pipe shelf, she recreated again according to her space and another is the Joybird sofa, which was not only comfortable enough to sleep but also was of her favorite color- yellow.Lastly, she gave her advice by saying that only happy things should be kept in a home. Then after a long hectic day when we come home, the place can calm us, adore us; make us feel special in our own way and our friends can say- well done!

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