Make your Straw Clutch Vacation-Ready with these DIY Tips

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    Design Design Mar 08, 2017 09:42 AM EST


    DIY tips help the thrifty fashionista in you look good with a beautiful vacation bag made from a straw clutch and you can still save while you are at it. Find out how to be fashion-forward with a good DIY accessory.

    Stitchtalk, a blog dedicated for DIY tips, recently posted a blog on how to make a straw clutch vacation-ready. There is always a time for going out and spending a day under the sun. It could be with friends, family, or that special can even go out by yourself! What better way to spend your vacation than to doll yourself up and look good for that Instagram-worthy shot. Even a simple clutch can make up a whole outfit! You can store all your vacation essentials in a stylish purse because why not?

    According to the DIY tips, even if you are excited to start crafting, you need to gather all the materials for that vacation-ready straw clutch. To achieve the look of that the artist made, you need a plain straw clutch (preferably one with a flap). You can choose whatever size you want that would fit your lifestyle. Then have some fabric scissors and a hot glue gun to help arrange your accessories. As for the decorations, the blogger used white pom-pom trim, some daisy trim, and iron-on letters.

    According to Allwomenstalk, the trick is not to overdo your design, hence you have to plan out a good vacation-ready design for your straw clutch. The moment you have that design in mind, you can start to work. For the blogger, she decided to direct her attention towards the flap of the clutch as this is the one that catches the eyes. She flipped the flap of the straw clutch and attached her pom-pom trims. At the top of the flap, she added all the other embellishments like the daisy trim and the iron-on letters. She used the hot glue gun to attach all of these decorations to the clutch and she used the fabric scissors to cut out any excess.

    When all of those things are done, you're good to go and you just transformed a simple straw clutch into a vacation-ready purse with the simplest DIY tips in the book. Now, go book that trip!

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