Google Campus Map Design Criticized By Netizens For Looking 'Oppressive'

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 08, 2017 09:58 AM EST


    The Google Campus Map blueprint was unveiled recently by Heatherwick Studio, but its design's reception was anything but positive. Google is known for coming up with facility designs that are quite against the norm.

    The new planned Google Campus map design is of no exception to this. Heatherwick Studio together with BIG, have come up with a strange "tent-like" design for the campus.

    Along with the unique design is a green-inspired motif, that emphasizes the company's environmental efforts. The main structure is fitted with solar panels and there's an abundance of trees and the color green as well.

    However, some find the Google Campus map design as something that's quite bizarre. As a matter of fact, the design could even rival Apple's outlandish and impractical "spaceship" office, according to BGR.

    While Apple's spaceship design is somewhat out-of-this world, Google's new Campus might be able to top that. Although the Google Campus design is aiming an environmentally-friendly approach, it doesn't change the fact that its architecture looks more animalistic than something that resembles a modern-era structure.

    According to Dezeen, some netizens have gone as far as calling the Google Campus map design as "oppressive." Some are even describing it as "dystopian", which would be ironic considering Google's emphasis on environmental preservation.

    There are even those who likened the design to that of an "armadillo trying to cross the road during rush hour." Some pointed out that the Google Campus map design shows the "immaturity" of the company. While there are others who view the concept design as one that is even worse than Norman Foster's Apple spaceship campus.

    It looks like the contrasting themes between the two is that, Apple is aiming for something futuristic while Google dabbles on a more back-to-nature approach. Regardless, it doesn't really hide the fact that both the Google Campus map design and Apple's Campus are still viewed as architectural oddities. 

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