Ellen DeGeneres to Host a Furniture Design Competition Show on HGTV

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    Articles Articles Apr 25, 2014 02:06 PM EDT


    Producer and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres will be working together with cable network HGTV to host a new competition series for furniture designers. This will be the first time that A Very Good Production, DeGeneres’ own production company will be producing a cable show.

    The show, titled “Ellen's Design Challenge”, will focus on six individuals, all of which will encounter challenges in designing, sketching and building furniture pieces within a 24-hour time frame. Contestants should be able to impress the judges through their versatility, resourcefulness and creativity. During the course of the show, the contestants will be partnered with expert carpenters who will be assisting them in completing their furniture projects.

    Aside from the contestants taking the center stage, it will also showcase DeGeneres’ passion for interior and furniture design.

    DeGeneres said, “I’m so excited about this show because I love finding really special pieces of furniture.” “One time I found a beautiful one-of-a-kind armoire that spoke to me in a way I’d never experienced. It turned out there was a drifter living inside of it, but that’s a story for another time,” she added with her distinct comedic style.

    Kathleen Finch, president of HGTV and DIY Network said, “When she talked to us about her love of buying and renovating homes, her personal passion for the creative process of furniture design emerged as something that she wanted to explore more. Since HGTV is the ultimate forum in this space, and since no other network can deliver an audience who is as enthusiastic as she is about the creative process, we just had to make it happen”

    Aside from the six-episode cable show, there is also a six-part online companion series which will let viewers take a peak on the lives of the design contestants.

    The show will premier in 2015.

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