Get the Latest Rumors on the new Apple iMac: Release date, Specs, and New Features

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    Technology Technology Mar 10, 2017 12:07 PM EST


    Your questions about the new Apple iMac have answers now as we round up the latest rumors on their release date, specs, and new features. Read on to know more about your favorite gadget.

    According to Macworld, the trustworthy site responsible on giving the latest rumors and updates, the last time Apple updated their Apple iMac was 2015. That is a good two years already since their last release of the version of the iMac. Apple is known to update their products regularly and even if it seems like their focus right now is their iPhones, it does not mean that they forgot about their other products.

    The last update of the site happened just this March as they reported that the new Apple iMac would have a change in specs. There will be a change in processors as the iMacs have Intel-based processors, they will now upgrade to AMD Zen Processor. According to PC World, the AMD Zen processor contains a massive amount of processing power (16 threads and 8 cores to be exact). The latest chip from AMD named the AMD Ryzen 7 1800x garnered the highest Cinebench rating for the best processor in the world. This report came from Digital Trends. The Cinebench word record is one of the most reliable sources when it comes to testing a technology's performance. Therefore, it would not be a surprise for Apple to upgrade, as they are known to not shy away from reliable materials.

    The new features added to the new Apple iMac version are something that anyone would enjoy and hope for the latest rumors to be true: graphics. Even though Apple products already have good graphics, they will add better chips for an even better look. The Polaris chips under AMD boasts one of the best graphics in gadgets especially ones for gaming. The very reason why iMac would have these chips is that it plans to incorporate another gadget favorite and that is the VR or Virtual Reality goggles.

    Now, something everyone is dying to know: the release date of the new Apple iMac and its additional new features and improved specs. Recombu said that the next Apple launch event is this Spring and that could possibly be around the bend. The event will be in Cupertino, California yet there is still no news as to what products will be part of the launch. The last launch happened in October last year when they released their iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. 

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