Women’s Month Highlights Disney Princesses as Female Activists!

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    Art Art Mar 09, 2017 11:12 AM EST


    Women empowerment has become more playful as this freelance artist reimagined Disney princesses as female activists and they are perfect for Women's Month. Find out more about these brilliant and inspiring artworks.

    Buzzfeed produced an article for Women's Month that placed Amanda Niday, a freelance artist, in the spotlight due to her artwork of Disney princesses who became female activists. Niday is still 27 years old yet she has tremendous success through her artworks. This artist from Portland, Oregon said that art has always been her passion and she always needed to express what was inside her head. This is a good thing as this triggered her infinite love for empowerment.

    Niday said that she made a series of Disney princesses, as female activists for women's rights, and it just so happened to be a great feature for Women's Month. As a Disney fanatic and an art buff, she took to her favorite means of expression and created such wondrous artworks.

    She extracted popular lines from the movies of these Disney princesses and placed them on the placards these female activists were holding. The inspiration came from the Women's March that happened earlier this year where a lot of women from all over the world took to the streets bringing with them placards that screamed of gender equality and women empowerment. Niday said that the women during the March really showed their passion and gave out a strong voice and she wanted to preserve that strength and fire through her depictions of them.

    According to Niday, she wanted the Disney princesses to act as female activists and be heroes for her as an adult as they did to her when she was a kid. She wanted to show that these princesses are not just the epitome of bravery, ferocity, and beauty in fantasies but they are that in reality. With Disney's evolution towards the growth of women in society, it would not be a bother for them to be the basis for inspiration. You can purchase her works in Society 6 where the Disney princesses are along with her other artworks.

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