Xbox Gold Games February 2017: How It Compares to Sony's Freebie Line-up; Server Having Issues?

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    Technology Technology Mar 09, 2017 01:10 PM EST


    The Xbox Gold games February 2017 line-up certainly has some stark differences compared to Sony's recent freebie offerings. Microsoft has been coming up with free games of different varieties in their recent premium service freebies.

    The games Xbox Live Games with Gold for January featured violence as its theme. Gory tower-defense game "World of Van Helsing: Deathtrap" and violent fighting game "Killer Instinct: Season 2" were featured as that month's freebies.

    According to Major Nelson, the Xbox Gold Games February 2017 line-up offers a different change of pace. The February freebies Xbox One line-up includes the colorful couch co-op game "Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime" and racing simulator "Project Cars."

    As for the Xbox 360 line-up, the Xbox Gold Games February 2017 titles includes adventure games "Monkey Island 2" and "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed." Furthermore, it's worth noting that these games can also be played on the Xbox One using Backward Compatibility.

    On the other hand, Sony has been consistent in releasing similar-themed games in their PS Plus membership so far. The notable PS Plus February 2017 game for PS4 is the triple-A platformer title "LittleBigPlanet 3."

    This month's PS Plus free games includes yet another platformer Sony exclusive title "Tearaway Unfolded." Both Sony and Microsoft are definitely showing some contrasting free game choices for their respective premium services. With the recent Xbox Gold Games February 2017 line-up, there's no telling what lies ahead in terms of freebies.

    According to Daily Star, Microsoft is currently having some server issues in Xbox Live.

    It's reported that thousands of Xbox Live users were forced out of their accounts and unable to log back in.

    Some users are even reporting that, it is as if the Microsoft website fails to recognize that their accounts exist. However, Microsoft did address the issue just recently, stating that they are "aware" about the issue and that they're working on fixing the problem as soon as possible.

    Other than the solid Xbox Gold Games line-up, it seems Xbox Live needs a server overhaul. Looks like Microsoft would need to focus on ensuring server stability as well, other than coming up with great rival Xbox Gold Games that challenge Sony's PS Plus service.

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