‘ABANDONED ASYLUMS’: Matt Van der Velde Captures Healing Architectural Designs In Photography

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    Articles Articles Mar 12, 2017 11:53 AM EDT


    Technology and architecture once again proved its sweet collaboration. This time Matt Van der Velde's "Abandoned Asylums" images bring everyone to the healing wonders of architectural design.

    According to Archdaily, all the "Abandoned Asylums" buildings were built to cure. The belief that environment impacts behavior was its foundation. Quaker York Retreat moral center was its first inspiration.

    Thomas Story Kirkbride "On the Construction, Organization and General Arrangements of Hospitals for the Insane" was also one of the finest guidelines for the facilities construction in the "Abandoned Asylums."

    Most architects during Kirkbride's days incorporated porticos, cupolas, and many other aesthetic features. The architecture and design ideas were to make everything possibly beautiful for the patients and their families.

    Over time, fund's decrease and other saddening reasons killed the focus in architecture for health care. Thus, most psychiatric facilities and hospitals were just left to rot and it's all visible on the "Abandoned Asylums" photos.

    Dorma, a service company that focuses on building betterment, now applies more thoughts on healing architecture. Each of its projects was carefully designed and built to be relaxing and revitalizing. "Abandoned Asylums" structures are really far away from them.

    Functionality and aesthetic design is the new tradition in healthcare buildings. "Abandoned Asylums" showed that safe and environment-friendly architectural structure is really a big step towards healing. That is what modern architecture aspires this time.

    If "Abandoned Asylums" depicted dramatic constructions, architects are into simple yet practical medical facilities now. It's all about the new era of sanitary transparency. They emphasize more ventilation and space today.

    To end, Matt Van der Velde's "Abandoned Asylums" might depict ruined medical facilities only. Though, each of it speaks of history that's really impactful for everyone today. To note, architecture is only a fraction of it.

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