Polish Artist Releases Beautiful Watercolor Art Series of Tokyo Storefronts

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    Art Art Mar 10, 2017 11:05 AM EST


    Mateusz Urbanowicz, a Polish artist, created beautiful renditions of Tokyo Storefronts with the use of watercolor and they are just utterly beautiful. Urbanowicz just brought watercolor painting to a completely new level.

    According to Bored Panda, Tokyo is one of the most futuristic places in the world and the Polish artist just knows exactly where to get inspiration from for his watercolor artworks. Not only is Tokyo futuristic but it is also very colorful with its bright, glowing lights at night and its varied and festively painted buildings at day. Regardless of the time, Tokyo boasts of inspiration for the common artist.

    However, the bright metropolis did not catch the eyes of this Polish artist, but it is in a more laidback part of the city where the Tokyo storefronts lie. A part where the area is not buzzing with technologically advance life but one that echoes the memories of Tokyo from the past. This is where Urbanowicz decided to get his inspiration.

    The Tokyo storefronts that inspired his watercolor paintings are unique in their own right, which perhaps touched the heart of the Polish artist. These storefronts are not beside each other but in different districts around Tokyo. They just merely shone out from the rest because of their appearance.

    One of these Tokyo storefronts in the watercolor art series is a small meat shop, which is the Yamane meat shop located in the Nippori district, and it has all the details and colors including the signs outside and the haphazard wires. Other storefronts are the Tsuruya retro variety shop (which used to be a tailor shop), a hair salon a woodblock print store, different small restaurants, and a bicycle shop to name a few.

     All of these Tokyo storefronts show a blend of colors and details that Urbanowicz focused on to such beautiful and magical works. You can find more of Mateusz Urbanowicz and his watercolor art in his site. Some of them are even comical and playful yet one thing is for certain, this Polish artist is one to look out for in this design world.

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