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    Design Design Mar 10, 2017 12:06 PM EST


    Paul Davidge created a new design destination for art lovers and artists alike in Los Angeles and it is definitely worth checking out. The place contains cutting-edge art and design.

    Even New York Times took notice of this design destination in LA and made an article dedicated just for it. Paul Davidge, a former film executive, wanted to have a place where he can house cutting-edge works from the traditional midcentury modern ones that are too familiar for them. Davidge then had this brilliant idea to make his own place where design and art thrive. Thus, Not So General was born.

    Not So General is the child project of Davidge and the name of this new design destination. Not So General (NSG) first came to be in 2016 and started displaying contemporary art, design, and are mostly furniture. It is both a gallery and a showroom. What is great about this place is that it opens its doors to national and global designers, especially those that are still emerging, to display their works for people to marvel.

    The belief for this design destination goes back to its LA roots where good design also has good functionality. This means that the furniture and other works do not just look good but they also serve its purpose well. There are some designs that look good aesthetically yet they do not bring comfort about them. This is not what NSG wants to achieve, rather they want to have a fusion of innovation and function.

    These emerging designers of LA's design destination are very flexible and allow their clients the option to customize their chosen design pieces. NSG serves the very purpose of customer care. This gallery in LA also gives the designers the freedom to improvise their work or display areas to match with their concepts and visions. Now that is a place well worth visiting!

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