Flying Monks are in this Awesome Architecture

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 12, 2017 11:53 AM EDT


    This awesome work of architecture features flying monks that perform feats of levitation in a tunnel designed by Mailitis Architects. Find out how these monks are available to achieve such a thing.

    Defying gravity is one of the things these flying monks do as they display their talent in this architecture in Central China. Dezeen magazine made a feature on these monks yet they are not the focus but the temple where they do their performance. Dezeen, being a design and architecture online site, paid close attention to the elaborate design made by Mailitis Architects.

    Dubbed as the Shaolin Flying Monks Theatre, this awesome architecture sits atop the Songshan Mountain. This location houses these flying monks known all over China and even in different places of the world. However, it is not their abilities that made them fly. It is a combination of physics and some really creative architecture.

    These flying monks are part of the Shaolin Monastery, a monastery listed as a World Heritage by UNESCO. The architecture made by Mailitis Architects was not just for the monks but also for those who want to experience how it felt like to go against physics. The architecture matches with its sloping landscape to complement the mountain ranges.

    What stands out from the architecture is their wind tunnel where the flying monks perform their talents. This is a performance theater dedicated to show the beauty of Zen and the magnificence of Kung-Fu. According to Austris Mailitis, the head and founder of Mailitis Architects, the inspiration for the theater and the wind tunnel come from two natural elements: the mountain (the theater) and the tree (the wind tunnel).

    The engine responsible for producing the air used for the flying monks is underneath the wind tunnel covered by a perforated screen. This emits a strong gust of air from the elements and uses it as a power source to launch these monks into the air to perform stunts. You can see their video in Vimeo here.

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