Self-Destructing Chats for the 800 Million Users of Viber [VIDEO]

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    Technology Technology Mar 12, 2017 11:53 AM EDT


    Popular phone app, Viber, just added a new feature to their system and that is the self-destructing chats available for all their 800 million users to use. This app seems like a new step for one of the most used communication apps.

    The Verge focused on this app and their new update since Viber's changes impact a huge number of people and the change would be either good or bad. Viber is available for the different continents and not just America. This involves Eastern Europe, and Northern Africa. These places make up the 800 million users of the app.

    The reason for the self-destructing chats is for added privacy and security for these Viber users. Viber gleefully dubbed these chats as "secret chats" or "secret messages." This gives the users sole control of their messages to ensure the safety of their privacy as well as what they want to remain exclusive.

    In a world where compromising one's privacy is easy and technology can be hacked, these self-destructing chats may well be a good help for privacy especially for the Viber users. The power that these secret chats grant the users is enough for one to feel safe. This type of chat ensures the sender that whatever they send to the person would not be against them nor would it be accessible to anyone other than the receiver.

    These 800 million users have the option of choosing whether you want to have regular chats with people or self-destructing chats that would immediately delete or take away any evidence of the conversation. This goes to photos and videos as well. Viber may not be the only app with this type of messaging system but it gives the users the option to choose. You can check out the video here:

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