Russian Revolution Timeline Architecture Reveals Intrepid Designs That Never Came Into Being

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 15, 2017 02:20 PM EDT


    The Russian Revolution timeline spawned some of the country's most intrepid architecture designs, ones that currently exist only in concept. Russia is a country that has been iconic for its revolution.

    The country's architecture is just as revolutionary and innovative in its design as well. Which is why architects from the Russian Revolution timeline are touted for their designs that are way ahead of their time.

    According to The Guardian, London's Design Museum is featuring the highlights of Russian Revolution architecture in their new exhibit. This exhibit features "The Phantoms of Moscow", very ambitious architectural designs that never materialized.

    During the Russian Revolution timeline, these promising structures would have been put up to create the "ideal communal living complex." Architects from that era planned to build highly ambitious and towering structures such as the Lenin Institute and the Palace of the Soviets.

    What's even more surprising is their plans to erect a statue of Russian politician Vladimir Lenin. This planned Russian Revolution timeline statue was supposed to be even taller than the Statue of Liberty.

    Other innovative designs include an institute that combines the elements of a library, a theater and even a planetarium all into one. Calling these blueprints from the Russian Revolution timeline as ambitious would be an understatement.

    The designers have gone as far as detailing the entire schedule of the citizens, from daily work to leisurely activities. Unfortunately, even in the 80's there's little to no interest from Russia to invest into building these structures.

    According to Independent, historian Jonathan Charley shared that, at that time, Russians had more interest in "bread and maintaining power" than they do with these revolutionary structures. This is why these architectural plans from Russian Revolution timeline, only serve as remnants of a time that could have been.

    Regardless, these would-be structures are still a sight to behold even if they exist only in concept blueprints. The Russian Revolution timeline has an architectural history that's still worth looking into, to this day.

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