Interior Designer Jennifer Delonge Launches “Reissued” iPhone App for Well-Curated Vintage Pieces

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    Design Design May 19, 2014 01:30 PM EDT


    On May 15, 2014, Jennifer Delonge, a well-known interior and furniture designer has announced the launching of Reissued app on iPhone. Reissued is the newest social media marketplace for clients who are looking for the best rare, one-of a kind, vintage pieces from fashion, music, furniture and art which are curated by American Rag, Decades, Urban Americana, OneFortyThree, A Current Affair, Satya Twena Millinery, Ascot & Hart and Amber Interiors among others. Aside from browsing and purchasing these pieces through their free iPhone application, customers can also interact with the abovementioned Reissued curators.

    “Reissued was born out of my love of vintage hunting and thrill of ‘the find’” Delonge said.

    Reissued advisory board member Bradford Shellhammer said, “Jennifer’s vision as a designer and entrepreneur is truly exceptional.” He adds, “As soon as I experienced Reissued and lusted over the fantastic curated objects, it became clear to me that Jennifer was on to something and I had to get involved.”

    Aside from Shellhammer, other personas in the design and technology world also sit in the app’s advisory board including Gary Swart, oDesk’s former CEO and Michael Levinson, a long-time head of product at oDesk and Facebook’s current product manager.

    Reissued’s user interface is clean, simple and tastefully-designer so users and curators will have an easy way of sharing “the finds”.

    Shoppers can use Reissued’s activity feed and search tools to looks for vintage and specialty items. The app is also equipped with secure payment functions, allowing the customers to key-in their address and payment details within the application itself.

    Curators are given the freedom to control what is posted on their Reissued profile and on their curated list. They can also create their own shipping labels within the app. The entire process of selling, shipping and tracking are also monitored within the Reissued app for hassle-free transaction.

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