'Under Hollywood Sign' Design Competition Winners Announced

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    Architecture Architecture Mar 16, 2017 10:59 AM EDT


    The Last House on Mulholland called for design proposals before for a grounding breaking architecture in the foot of California's iconic Hollywood sign. Now, three incredible plans are finally chosen. 

    According to Arch Out Loud official website, The Last House on Mulholland in partnership with it are the main body supervising "Under the Hollywood Sign" competition. They aim to create a residential place on the famous area that will help give it more story.

    Now, he "Under the Hollywood Sign" first place is the "Ambivalent House." Hirsuta's representatives presented a spheroid design that rotates. 

    The "Ambivalent House" is inspired by its predecessor Chemosphere home. It will float on the ground with just a single base.Then, it will have a geometric shape that will help create more visual diversity. That is mainly the biggest draw why it won the "Under the Hollywood Sign" top recognition. 

    FGO/Arquitectura's "Hollywood Hill" is not something to be left behind so it's chosen nonetheless as "Under Hollywood Sign" second design. Its design edge will be its natural acclimation to the site. Its orography will be followed closely. 

    Organic vain and green roofs are likewise parts of its win. The two will provide better light and air ventilation. Whereas the second will give a natural take on the cooling system and water collection for "Under the Hollywood Sign" project. 

    Third last "Under the Hollywood Sign" victor is "the Last House." The YBDD-NHD residential design is all futuristic because of technology. It's another structure that will be made to adapt to the place's environment. It aims to make lesser changes on it. 

    Lastly, Competition Archi stated that the challenge for the designs are how they will explore the "Under the Hollywood Sign" location now. It must also explore the interaction of the site and the community near it. 

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