Verizon Gets Sued by New York City due to Promised Fiber Rollout

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    Articles Articles Mar 22, 2017 06:04 PM EDT


    Verizon finds itself in hot water as New York City files a case against them for a failed promise to provide a fiber rollout to millions of households in 2014 yet until now never delivered. The New Yorkers are now tired of waiting.

    An article of CNet covered and reported this issue concerning Verizon and their promised fiber rollout to New York City. This fiber-optic internet and television service was a promise that Verizon made in 2014 and years following that, never finished that said service. The officials are now in cohorts with each other and agreeably filed a case against the abovementioned company as they have breached a contract.

    According to NYC, a site of New York City, the city mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement that Verizon must face the consequences for losing the trust of 8.5 million New Yorkers. De Blasio added that a company, no matter how big or small, would not easily get away from New York City if they have committed a wrongdoing against the people.

    Verizon issued a reply to the statement made by the mayor of New York City and said that the fiber rollout that they promised had issues since 2014. According to the company, there were misunderstandings on the agreement that they made with the previous administration. Their claim, according to an article of Engadget, said that there are households who refuse installation of their fiber-optic Fios service. The agreement stated was in 2008 yet there were changes and blurred understandings in the past 9 years.

    The statement, according to Verizon, said that their service should pass ALL of the residences in New York City. Since some residences refused, they were not able to finish the said promise of their fiber rollout. Nevertheless, the telco promised to add an extra 1 billion USD to solve this friction between the recent government and their company. 

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