Arts Exhibition Center Dubai Planned For 2018, Features Ambitious Design & Facilities

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    Interiors Interiors Mar 29, 2017 02:46 PM EDT


    An Arts Exhibition center is being planned in Dubai, and its ambitious architectural design features a myriad of facilities to accommodate the country's best pieces of art. Dubai is no stranger when it comes to facilitating some of the world's best architectural marvels.

    The upcoming arts exhibition center is no exception to that, as it showcases an impressive concept design. According to Interior Design, UK-based architecture firm Serie Architects is designing Dubai's first non-profit arts exhibition center called the Jameel Arts Centre Dubai.

    This massive complex spans across 10,000 square meters which also comprises of three stories. It is said that the planned arts exhibition center will be able to accommodate large sculptures in wide expansive rooms, while smaller rooms will feature sculptures that are better fitted for "intimate viewing.

    There will also be a plethora of facilities both indoors and outdoors, including a roof terrace that features film screenings, a library, a restaurant and even a sculpture area. In addition, the courtyards in this arts exhibition center is made out to be even more interesting, since every one of its courtyards features flora and rare plants that are distinct from each area.

    However, the promising arts exhibition center in Dubai is just one of Serie Architects' fine examples of architectural innovation. According to Inhabitat, the UK-based firm announced a concept design for the National University of Singapore facility, which incorporates green architecture.

    Serie Architects makes use of energy-efficient design and environmentally-friendly solar panels which will be utilized into a new building in the NUS, called NZEB@SDE. The new structure will feature a layout that enables cooling breeze to enter the facility, while minimizing the usage of air conditioning at the same time.

    Apart from the Eco-friendly ventilation system, Serie Architects are also prioritizing the use of natural lighting in their planned design. The planned arts exhibition center in Dubai is targeting a 2018 release date, while the new NUS building in Singapore hopes to be fully constructed by early 2019. 

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